Holidays and Accommodation in Margate, Kent

The coastal holiday town of Margate is located in the county of Kent and lies in the south eastern area of the country. Margate has a current population of approximately 58,000 residents, with the county as a whole having a population of about 1.7 million people.

The history of Margate continues to be associated with its close association with the sea. It was once a section of Dover and can be found about 38 miles from Maidstone, which is the county’s administrative centre.


Throughout most of Margate’s history the spelling of the town’s name has varied between its current day spelling of “Margate” and it’s alter ego of “Meregate”.

For more than 250 years, Margate has been a very famous seaside resort and is a very popular destination with travellers from London who can reach the town easily and quickly. The beautiful sandy beaches and the impressive coast, known as the Margate Sands, is one of the main attractions to the town.

As well as by car, the other most popular way of reaching Margate is by rail, and the town has a rail station that serves locals and visitors. As well as the main centre of Margate, there are also a number of small villages and towns that combine to create the greater Margate area.

There are many things to do and places to see when you visit Margate. As well as the beautiful coast and beach, there are a number of different activities that you can enjoy, as well as many interesting sights and places to visit.

If you are looking for a seaside location where you can enjoy a relaxing and fun holiday or short break then Margate is the ideal destination for you. There are a number of hotels and accommodation facilities in and around Margate where you can find comfortable accommodation conveniently located to allow you to explore and enjoy the best that the town has to offer visitors.

On we will be presenting a comprehensive guide to accommodation and hotels that you can find in the town. All of the accommodation and hotels can be booked safely online and you can make some really great savings !! Margate has a wide range of different types of accommodation available for visitors including hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts and many others.

Margate Photo by Alex Liivet